ASDF Institute Membership Benefits

ASDF has numerous numbers of benefits for the signed-up institute members. This document gives you a wider outline about the same. The quoted benefits are on the macro level for the Institute and these are additional to the Individual Membership Benefits for the ASDF Members.


Support in Hosting International Conference

ASDF commits for a minimum of 1 International Conference hosting in the institute where ASDF is established and functional as per the Expression of the Interest laid by the Host Institution. The most common pattern of the conference will have tie-ups with numerous International Journals

Establishing Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Institute having the ability both in capability and infrastructure are given with a consultancy project and are funded by ASDF until the mature level of Centre of Excellence to have numerous patents. Centre of Excellence is available for the institutes which are functional and having a minimum standing of 5 years.

Research Grants

Research Grants limiting for $ 125,000 are given to the projects which can be completed within the span of 5 years. The final stage / output required will be a minimum patent and granted to the individuals who are associated with the Institute for a minimum of 2 years and Institute with a minimum standing of 3 years.

Speedy Approval of Travel Grants

First-time applicants from the Institute Members will be given with higher priority in the review of an application. Along with this, the grant will be given pre-travel instead of post-travel up to 95% on the total amount of the proposed travel. Usually, the grant is given up to 90%.

Hosting Workshops with Industrial Giants

ASDF is in partnership across Europe and Asia with numerous Industrial giants. On the launch of new products with the specified conditions, we fetch the institute with most of the benefits from the giants as well the fellow members of the institute which includes faculties and students.

Incoming Delegation Visits

When International Delegation is visiting India, a notification will be served, and if we have received the Express of Interest from the member institutions, we will turn the delegation visit to the member institutions. In-campus hospitality should be taken care of by the Institute.

Eligibility for Institute Awards

ASDF Global Awards has six awards exclusively for the Institute Members viz., Best Academic Institute Awards, Best Communication Institute, Best Structured Institute, Best Infrastructure Institute, Best Automated Institute, Best Resourceful Institute. The evaluation begins in January every year and gets completed by November for the awards ceremony which will happen on December. As a mandate criterion on the date of award, the institute should have a live membership.

ABET Accredited Program Partnership [AAPP]

As of 2014, we have a course accredited by ABET UK which is transmitted to the Indian Institute Members exclusively. Only at the base ABET Fees, the course is being handled by the Industry or Academic expert within the country approved by ABET. The formal examination and awarding of ABET Imprinted Certificate through an official graduation ceremony will take place at the end of courseware.

Seminars / Guest Lectures / FDP Programs

As similar for the Individual Membership for the assistance of the external examiners for the completion of the doctoral degree, ASDF widely helps in getting the expert or resource person for Seminars or Guest Lectures or FDP Programs. Apart from this, every quarterly ASDF is hosting the Paper Writing / Proposal Writing / Patent Filing workshop which can be requested by the institute.

Memorandum of Understanding with International Universities

Many top-notch officials of Universities / Industries do visit India either on the official terminal or vacation terminal. The officials who are highly impressed with the Institute will intend to sign a MoU, and at ASDF we supply with the regular templates and ensure the smooth inking of them.

Overseas Delegation Visits

ASDF has a big network and frequently facilitates the overseas delegation to explore the research potential and probable co-operation between the institutes of different countries. At various levels, ASDF acts as a catalyst in finalising the tour program, VISA for the delegation diplomats and negotiation with the counterpart.

Student – Staff Exchange Programme

ASDF governs the relationship between the institutes/industries which wish to send or receive the students or staff from the overseas institute or research organisation.